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Music – Food – Dance

Dinner is served at 6pm;  Music Starts at 7:00pm
Friday: Music only:  $20; Meal only:   $15;  Combined price: $30
Saturday: Music only:  $25; Meal only:   $15;  Combined price: $35
Dinner Menu:
  • Friday:  Burger Bar!  (hamburgers, veggie burgers, chicken , all sorts of toppings, salad, and dessert)
  • Saturday: Taco Bar! Make your own tacos(meet and veggie) with salad and dessert
Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks
  • The Starlight Cafe (not included in the registration fee)is open every day from 11am through 6pm and serves a wide variety of sandwiches, pizza, etc.
  • Coffee, breakfast items (continental) will also be offered every morning by 8am in the Olt Tour Center
Both Friday & Saturday's concert and dinner ticket is free with weekend registration!
  • Beer from local breweries offered nightly
  • All evening events will take place by the Old Tour Center
  • Admission to all evening events is included with Weekend Registration. Tickets can be bought on the online registration page, or can be purchased on site.

Saturday Night:

The Bicycle Band


Friday Night:

Juanita Fireball and the Continental Drifters
High Energy Old-Time Appalachian String Band Music




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