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If possible, you should register for races when you pick up your registration packet.  If you cannot do that, please head to the race areas before the start of the race to get registered.  All riders, in all races, must wear a helmet and must place safety of themselves and other riders above all else.  Violations of this rule will result in disqualification from ALL Rumpus races.

Award divisions for all races, separated by gender:

  • Kids (10 and under)

  • Youth (Ages 11-16)

  • Adult (Ages 17 -49)

  • Master (Ages 50+)

Maps for the races can be found on the maps page.


STAG (Single Track, Asphalt, and Gravel) Race (1:00pm Sunday; Old Tour Center) [NEW!!]


The STAG race is a mixed (gravel, single track, asphalt) race that s new to 2024. The race covers 9.4 miles (Single Track=3.67 miles;- Gravel/Double=3.miles; 42

Paved=2.31 miles).  The race will have a 1.5 hour cut-off;  all racers must be able to finish in this time.

All racers must be present at the 12:45pm pre-race meeting!   All racers will start together.  Three checkpoints will be on the course.

Time Trial


Two time slots:  Friday 5:00-6:00pm and Saturday 7:45-8:45; You only get to race once, so chose either time for your race. Race starts at the Old Tour Center.

The time trial course is on the paved road passing by the major telescopes on site. The start-finish line is near the entrance gate to the telescopes. Riders will start at pre-defined intervals. All riders must wear a helmet. While on the course, riders should stay to the right, and passing should be done on the left.


Kids division will ride a short course (1.8 miles) - from the gate to the 140ft telescope, circle around a cone, and return. 


Ages 11 and up ride the full course (6.0 miles). Participants will ride past the 140ft, staying straight on the road until the GBT (largest telescope).  Veer right at the “Y” intersection at the GBT, going until the bus turn-around spot (will be marked).  Head back again until the GBT, and again veer right, toward Green Bank Elementary school, turn around at cone (will be marked), and head back to the start finish line, staying right again at the "Y".


Winners will be announced during the Saturday evening concert!

Short Track Race (9:00am Saturday; Behind the Science Center)


The short-trace race is a mountain bike race over a 0.5 mile loop that includes gravel, grass, dirt, a few tree roots, and usually some mud. The course is generally wide enough for passing over the majority of the course, although there are a few narrow sections. Registration for the race can be done at the Rumpus Registration Desk on Friday and before the race Saturday.


All racers must be present at the 8:45am pre-race meeting!

Race Order (each race run separately)

  • Youth and Kids race. Ages 10 & under will ride 2 laps (1 mile),

  • Teen Race: Ages 11-16 will ride 4 laps (2 miles).

  • Women's Race. Ages 17 and older (6 laps, 3 miles).

  • Men's Race. Ages 17 and older (8 laps, 4 miles).

Kid’s & Toddler Trek (9:00am Sunday;  Meet in front of the Science Center)

All participants receive the same award!

  • Kids race (10 & under;Time will be recorded):

    • Kids race around the main office building (Jansky Building)

    • Leave from the Science Center grass/sidewalk

    • Circle building (along race track) 4 times

    • Race is on pavement and a little bit of grass

  • Toddler Trek (6 & under!)

    • Training wheels, tricycles, and no-pedal bikes only!

Race goes down sidewalk, around telescope, and then through(!) the Science Center!

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